Devil from Arab Cave???

Recently circulated back of a photograph that is often called the devil picture of Mecca. it claimed to have been took by a pilgrimage with his wife in Saudi Arabia. When he was visiting a cave, they began taking pictures around the cave. When the results of his photograph processed, they get a photo of the devil which is dependent on the cave wall.

6 Bizarre Mysteries (That Are Still Totally Unanswered)

There are thousands of UFO, Big Foot or other cryptozoological sightings recorded around the world every year, and most of them can easily be proven as fakes or the ramblings of some mad-man. Yet, among these absurdities there are some rare events which simply have no explanation, and leave even skeptics puzzled. Here are six of the most peculiar mysteries that no one can find a good explanation for.

Teen Decomposes Plastic Bag in Three Months

Plastic takes thousands of years to decompose — but 16-year-old science fair contestant Daniel Burd made it happen in just three months.

Saqqara Bird - Proof of aircraft technology in the past?

When people see a bird in flight, their minds were drifting and started looking for ways to be able to fly like that. This thought process may have begun thousands of years ago. But is it true those who live thousands of years ago has found a way to make a plane that can carry them fly?

5 Earth creature who may be able to live in Outer Space

There must be a question in our minds, "Is there any living creatures on this earth that can live and survive on other planets?" If we are talking about human beings, maybe not. But if other creatures that might be. Five creatures of the earth below may be able to answer that question.

Bigfoot Patty - Patterson Gimlin footage Controversy

In the world of Cryptozoology, nothing can rival the fame of this two monster, Nessie of Lochness and Bigfoot Patty from the Bluff Creek .

Legend of the Chinese Dragon and Its History of Sighting

Dragon, the most famous mythological creatures in the world. The whole world has the legend of each. But it is undeniable that the Dragon of Chinese legend is most interesting. Could be flying creature with body of a snake, horned and have claws  really exist?